Love swells. It’s more than a feeling, a connection. We are love. It is our very essence. It is the origin of all. Love Is Mysterious. Today is a Divine day.

What gives me hope is the mechanics of suffering.

While suffering may be a part of life, we are driven to do our part to alleviate it. That makes us eager if not persistent, learners.

Suffering makes us experimenters. It inspires people to go beyond what has been.

It pushes the heart to explore new horizons when its current one becomes inhospitable.

Suffering and its associated behaviors have an expiration date, as unaddressed suffering becomes unbearable.

It leads to the question, “Can I re-create myself?” How new can I be to the world? And it fuels the desire to try.

Suffering eventually pushes one to connect with their true self. Our pain stems from valuing the familiar over the new. It involves valuing fleeting satisfaction over potential wholeness and long-term satisfaction.

That is not our truth. Our pain comes from our conditioning—learned ideas about who we are and what the world is. Alive potential to grow into who we might be.

When living in our limited and mostly false conditioning about who we are and how we must operate in this world becomes too painful, we must confront the necessity of living in much closer relationship with truth within ourselves.

We suffer when we protect our elders. When we create something new, we restore some suffering, pleasure, life force, connection, and motivation.

The only thing that hints at the potential for long-term relief from suffering is the path toward increasing genuine, humble, authentic, surrendered, truthful, harmonious love, compassion, and acceptance for ourselves and all.

We are drawn into the molten core of suffering’s own fire, where our escapist strategies are alchemized into beauty.

Evolution teaches. Undeniably, we’re evolving toward a society and systems that place less emphasis on thoughts and practices that increase suffering, and more emphasis on environments and policies that support justice, joy, truthfulness, sustainability, and the full expression of each person’s potential.