Take a deep breath and bask in the splendor of creation. We are all interconnected and form part of a whole. Remind yourself that you are surrounded by your family and friends when you feel alone…. Animals, trees, birds, and plants will always be there to keep you entertained!

We are connecting with Spirit as we weave the tapestry of our own lives together. Beautiful, courageous, strong, and wise people have come together to create this magnificent work of art. Blessings on you, my friends, as you go about your business today!

I am not surprised that this code was received because we are still experiencing the effects of the solar eclipse. I felt a connection to Agartha, Inner Earth Crystal Sun, and Priests of The Halls of Amenti after downloading the visual activator, and I wanted to get confirmation on this, so I decided to consult the oracle and ask who this being is. And this is what showed up as a result.


“May divine love illuminate the darkness and restore hope to the hopeless. ” May all beings be able to receive the light of love without being frightened. “Let it be, in accordance with divine compassion and in service to the great divine plan of love that is unfolding.”

So, are you prepared to undergo a transformation? As a result of your encounter with Snake Medicine, you are being asked to shed the old skin that you have been holding onto and to awaken to a new sense of yourself. It’s time to celebrate the person you’re becoming.

In non-ordinary reality, many Shamans use shape-shifting as a means of communicating with and through animal spirits. The answers are revealed through the Spirit of the animal’s personal experience. Shape-shifting is one of the most ancient of all Shamanic practices, dating back thousands of years. Many people now believe it to be nothing more than a myth.