When you’re stuck and looking for answers, look within. You already know the answers to all your questions. Sometimes you just need a reminder.

Every day has been a chance to grow and learn. But sometimes I just walk around oblivious to the teachings. Ignorance of lessons is not an option. Today I spread my wings and celebrate another year!

Ayahuasca, the soul-vine, the death-vine. Amazonian master medicine…healer, cleanser, memory enhancer.

A jungle tea with two powerful plant spirits. They are Banisteriopsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis, respectively. The combination of these medicines creates the legendary tea that has long served human evolution and healing.

Her healing abilities work on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.
Ayahuasca healing is based on a dark energy purge. The dark cloud or pain body of human experience is graciously lessened and lightened, allowing us to journey through our individual paths to liberation. Fear dies and love is born. When we let go of control and unite with all that is, we dissolve into the moment.

The small death teaches us to let go. The art of dying, anchoring surrender and flow. Everlasting birth and death. Rooted in the now.

Many Amazonian plant and tree spirits are linked to the vine’s magic and mystery. They work with the mother to re-establish human-Gaia harmony. This may be a foreign concept to the western mind, but it is the way of the jungle. The Amazonians and the conscious communities that have risen from this work honour and sing to this healing heritage and tradition.

Ayahuasca, a natural gift, is rapidly changing our consciousness. She teaches, guides, and cleanses us as we journey from fear to love.