This light code promotes increased grounding, interconnection, and enlightenment, as well as alleviating ascension symptoms in some people.

Combined with this powerful energy is a very earthly, yet expansive, multidimensional high vibrational energy that raises your spiritual consciousness to higher levels of consciousness. The energy is extremely healing and has the ability to work on all levels of the body, including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

The enormously powerful grounding energies of the earth star chakra help you to feel a more tangible connection to mother earth and life itself, which helps you to progress spiritually. The earth star chakra is located on the third eye chakra.

Mother Earth receives blessings.

The cork represents unspoken suffering.

The corkscrew is telling the truth about itself.

The champagne, the ecstatic release of your grief, these are all wonderful things.

a force that liberates and enlivens the entire universe

The emptiness of your heart’s bottle is the result of Jah being overjoyed with love for you.

I am overwhelmed by the fact that your company is willing to help me in my time of need.

Thank you for coming into this old house with me and sharing your time with me.

I’d been convinced for a long time that I’d abandoned.

I’d like you to be able to see the parts of me that are falling apart as well.

It would be pointless to attempt to repair something like that.

To keep anything from you takes energy away from the places I’m growing into.

That is something that I can no longer afford.

So join me on a tour of my back alleys.

Springtimes and ghost towns have found their way into my heart.

Gods and grapes, and half-reformed hellscapes are among the subjects of this novel.

that continue to haunt my heavenly abode at times

While you are admiring my sunshine, keep an eye out for these shadows that will not leave me.

Underneath my neatly organized living room is a cellar where I keep all of my rolled-up wounds safe.

The amount of dust in this room represents my collection of items that have been neglected in the hope of receiving kind visitors.

But I’m ready to invite you into my entire world right now.

as a result of my ability to stand in the promise-less darkness where there is no hope of rescue

and think to myself, ”

“I think I can love you here as well.”