It is possible to feel as if you are drowning at times. Drowning in regret, fear, illusion, anger, or heartbreak over mistakes made in the past. Be still and allow yourself to rise to the surface, take a deep breath, feel the light, and remember that all of your experiences have brought you to this point in time. You are strong, confident, and courageous precisely because of the very things that you feared would bring you to your knees for good.

This light code contains a powerful amount of energy that aids in the release of sexual trauma from previous lives.

If the energy becomes overwhelming, take a deep breath and be gentle with yourself. These traumas become lodged in the pelvic region and cause blockages. There is often a great deal of suffering associated with not being permitted to express and release sensuality and sexuality in its purest form. Feel this energy flow into your pelvis, where it will transform everything into light, love, and joy. An anchorage and fullness churn in the pelvic area as you breathe in and out. This light code also aids in the alignment of the pelvis, allowing the sexual flow to resume.

With the energy frequency of this “Light Code,” all lower density thought forms that have been held in place by a “Heart Wall” are removed. The energy then traveled up to the brain, where it was used to cleanse and detoxify the brain.