Someone recently told me, “you don’t have to be a mystic to relate to what you’re saying.” I thought that was really cool.

I was pleased to hear that she found me and my expression to be widely accessible, and I’d like to suggest that if one has to be anything other than exactly who they are in order to relate to mysticism, that is bogus mysticism, and that is simply some conceptual power charade on the part of the practitioner.

True mysticism is not associated with the esoteric. Its accessibility does not necessitate the use of tools that are only available to a select few.

I believe that mysticism is the process of being honest about exactly what it is that cracks open the heart, which contains both the full mess of humanity and the divine spark that resides within it.

Every person possesses a mystic chord of enlivened remembrance, which we call mysticism. My poetry, when it sings to you, resonates in some way with you and catalyzes the divine electricity that is already present within you, thanks to your consciousness reconnecting with the divine electricity. And when we deepen our connection with our divinity, we don’t transcend the struggles of our humanity; rather, we become better, more compassionate stewards of our human condition.

While accessing, connecting with, and sharing my part of this universal energy through the tool of poetry is a profound gift, it is not in any way exclusive to those who are gifted in this way. It is possible to assert that mysticism is the most prevalent phenomenon in the universe. It is the truth that lies within everything that is both humble and dazzling in its beauty. It is the nucleus of poetry that exists within each of us that allows this world to sing.