In terms of my emotional process and how inextricably linked it is to my creative process, there is a deeper level of coming out or coming forward that I’ve needed to do in order to move forward.

One of my responsibilities on this planet, which I’m gradually coming to terms with, is to be a deeply rooted advocate for the profound value, beauty, wisdom, and power of emotions, as well as the liberation, evolution, strength, and incredible inspiration and wisdom that can be gained from moving emotions through our bodies.

To debunk terrible myths about sensitivity, I want to exonerate and honor those who are sensitive, and I want to state unequivocally that being sensitive has absolutely nothing to do with being fussy, weak, or fragile, or being a victim, an inconvenience, a mess, or a burden.

When we are sensitive, it means that we have the potential capacity to translate the wisdom of the universe that speaks to us through the movement of the energetic channels in the body, which are our emotions.

A great deal of information is contained within energy. Many people are unable to comprehend or communicate in its language. When energy moves (and emotion is defined as energy in motion), it communicates. Some people are able to communicate in this language, and those who do are considered valuable assets and gems.

I’m here to communicate in this language. Feelings are not insignificant. They are our divinely appointed guides who intimately show us how to navigate the sometimes treacherous terrain of this world and our own personal journeys through life.

Truth is guarded by those who are sensitive to it.

Numerous people have been surprised by my poetry, or more specifically, by the fact that someone “so young” can write with the depth of wisdom that they believe my poetry can express.

My ability to access what I can access is due to the fact that I grieved for a decade before doing so. Seriously. That was my primary recreational activity. Listening. Feeling. Investigating the possibility that what I felt inside me was not “me,” but rather mine to steward and harvest information and wisdom, as well as a deeper compassion for myself and others, was a valid hypothesis.

I have been devoted to the path of truth and love for the majority of my life, and my path is quite singularly focused. I try my hardest to accept all aspects of my personality. And I grieve as a result of deeply held false beliefs about myself, as well as the painful emotions that accompany them. While falsity is being expelled from our bodies, truth is being restored in its place.

When my body opens up to grief, it also opens up to strength. It opens the door to a strength that can hold a great deal of tenderness. It creates a pathway for communication. It is the song of authenticity. In addition to being one of my favorite experiences, it also opens me up to ecstasy and truth. It is the inhalation of the soul. When Poetry emerges from within me, it is because I am constantly clearing a channel within myself for Her clear voice, which is made possible by the cleansing waters of grief.