Why not start fresh with everything now that the calendar has turned to a new year?

Yes, let’s take a moment to re-define the entire situation.
After all, it is on this foundation that we can build a new world, claiming the creative agency to reimagine things.

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Grief is a heart-cleansing experience.
  • Those generous human circumstances that invite you to participate in digging into your dark, rich, fertile soil in order to uncover the gems of wisdom and compassion.
  • When we give love, it is a simple gift that we want to give with all of our hearts, always laced with joy.
  • Growth is the process of exchanging old conditioning for new light.
  • Poetry is truth brought to life through dance.
  • Inner truth that has been clarified and spoken with authority.
  • Suffering is a force that will transform you into a more complete version of yourself.
  • Jah is the greatest collection of wonders that has ever existed, and they are ready to pour themselves on you.
  • A unique piece of poetry has been written into your DNA with great elegance and style, and it is known as your soul.
  • If you’ll only open your heart, you’ll find a book of love poems from Jah.

It’s exactly what you see when you put on the X-ray glasses you were born with and look deeply inside the body of any natural thing, and you see the flame of its song there, that you call beauty.

Every person on the planet is kin to everyone else.

Whatever it is in you that gets twitchy when it isn’t dancing, that is your spirit.

Life is a series of spectacular beginnings.

Death is nothing more than a new beginning.