The mind starts working when you identify with something other than who you truly are. No stopping it. Did you try? You pass time and amuse yourself. Don’t amuse yourself. Just sit for 24 hours and try to stop thinking. You’ll see. You’ll be insane in three days. It’s as if you ate bad food and got gas. Holding it won’t help. Stop eating bad food.
You have wrong identifications, and once they occur, the mind is constantly active. You can’t stop it. You think it’s normal if it’s within a certain range. It’s abnormal. You are socially acceptable insane. You think it’s okay because everyone is. But you don’t know the joy of simply sitting here, mind free. For four-five days, I have no thoughts. I don’t read or look out the window. I just sit, mindless.

Assume you started looking at a beautiful sunrise, but something bigger happened. Or you got involved in something important and the thought went away for a while. Those were the best times of your life.

The source of life within you is far greater than the thought process.

Smaller things naturally vanish when you connect with something bigger. The source of life within you is far greater than the thought process. Because you never experienced it, this thought is vital. In other words, if your thought is vital, the creator’s creation is irrelevant in your distorted perception. Your own work has become vital. You are too busy with your own creation to notice the creator within or his creation. Isn’t this blasphemy against the creator? Your focus hasn’t shifted to the source of life within you. Life would be very different if you could just sit here, not thinking or doing anything, and be life.