The Great Awakening is a collective eruption of Her song—a sonic explosion of Her song.

The rumbling has already started.

Increase the volume of the music.

Please, if you are alive today, do everything in your power to dance Her awakening fire into this sleeping earth.

It is acceptable if your dancing causes stubborn sleepers to stomp their feet and tell you to turn the volume down—

That’s fine with me.

This is the dance that can’t be stopped once it starts.

This is the song that will not be silenced no matter how hard you try.

This is the type of awakening from which it is impossible to return to sleep.

I really didn’t want the song to come to an end.

When the tide of love begins to recede,

I want to close the window in my heart that allowed me to see into the infinite.

And, fortunately, while love’s manifestations are constantly shifting,

similar to the clouds,

as soon as they have completely opened up to pour out their measure of blessing

for the earth to receive as if it were a well-nourished body

and dissipate back into the void of the sky,

Nothing is lost, and the cycle is restarted from the beginning.