Sleep can incubate a wide range of positive and negative outcomes. It’s far too simple to do nothing but sleep sadhana. As a result, waking up to an alarm clock is not the best way to start the day. How many of you agree with that?

You wake up feeling unattractive for no apparent reason?

You must take action if it occurs at least twice or three times per year. It is critical that you do this before going to bed. Unconsciously, You can incubate a wide range of positive and negative things or pleasant dreams You can experience either pleasure or pain. Incubate thoroughly while sleeping. It can be incubated during the day, but it is inefficient with so many interruptions. However, if you have a habit of sleeping in a you’re incubating if you sleep a certain way and wake up feeling awful for no apparent reason.

At night, bad eggs do a lot of things. It isn’t just about mental health; resulting in long-term physiological issues It is critical to get rid of out of your life So, before you retire to bed, Certain issues must be addressed. It is preferable to consume meat and other meals. You eat three to four hours before going to sleep. Digestion is completed before going to bed. According to Sidewalk, a balanced diet is crucial to avoid developing​​ sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Get some water and retire to your bed. You’ll see how it’s dealt with. A simple thing like taking a shower can always be beneficial.

It makes a big difference to shower before going to bed. Cold showers are difficult to come by in this weather. As a result, you take hot showers. Take no hot showers at night. Take hot showers. It jolts you awake.

“Oh, I’m having trouble sleeping.”

You’ll get fifteen hours of sleep 20 minutes later or so, but you’ll sleep better because you remove some items

  • Showering isn’t just for men.
  • the dirt on your skin that you’re removing So, when you’re feeling tense, Even taking a shower feels insignificant.
  • Has a burden been lifted? Did you happen to miss it? So simply washing your skin isn’t enough.
  • Aquatic life is a multifaceted phenomenon. This is a fundamental Bhuta Shuddhi. Considering that 70%
  • Water makes up 90% of your body. Running water over it purifies it.
  • This extends beyond simply cleansing the skin. You can also light a candle if you want.
  • A cotton wick, oil, or anything else What are your plans for it? linseed oil

Sadhguru: So, isn’t what you believe to be mine? It is constantly changing. Before you go to bed tonight,

  • Remind yourself for 12-15 minutes that you are not this body or mind. Remind yourself to simply lie down.
  • This is not your physical body. It is now entirely mine to use.
  • But it isn’t me. Simply put, if you can’t,
  • I’m not the body, I’m the inhalation
  • I’m not even a thought. Just unwind for 12 minutes.
  • Do it until you’re tired. You must be aware of this.