The energy frequencies of this “Light Code” act as an instant dial with the central sun, similar to a dial on a watch. There was an instant connection. The energy enters the body through the brain, disabling any implants and/or parasitic energies that have manifested themselves in the brain. Even after tuning in to this light code, the energy continues to carry out its tasks and duties.

Horse Medicine teaches us about the importance of power. It is not only physical strength but also unearthly strength. The horse is used in shamanic practices all over the world to allow shamans to travel to alternate dimensions of reality.
Understanding the power of the Horse may help you realize how important it is to live a balanced life. True power comes from remembering your entire journey and gaining wisdom from it.

A mythological force of love in Eros has been created by the human species to represent the erotic urgency toward one’s beloved. The Force of Love, which exists at the source and center of all existence, has beckoned the universe to come to terms with itself. Forces weave the tapestry of our world, which is stitched together by sacred ties and connections. ⠀\s⠀
The Starseed Children, also known as the Stellar Children, are natural antennas for star energy, and their most profound experiences can be had when they connect with the stars in the night sky. The Starseed Children, also known as the Stellar Children, are natural antennas for star energy. It causes their memories – of who they are as souls – to come to life, and it allows them to let go of the heavier vibrations that they have picked up from their surroundings. Standing under a starry sky immediately restores balance to all-star children and allows their consciousness to anchor and ground on Earth, allowing them to maintain their star connection while also connecting with the rest of the world on Earth.

When life becomes difficult, the aura becomes dusty, the heart becomes heavy, and the mind becomes overburdened. Your path will be made easier and your aura will be cleansed and made gentle by light language guided meditation.

Soothe the heart and anchor your life while the mind becomes still, and then bring whatever you require in alignment with the highest outcome for everyone.

Life is precious and requires a delicate balance to exist. Take advantage of every opportunity because you will not get another chance like this. With all of your heart, love, laugh, cry, play, grieve, and celebrate with everyone you meet.