The Thing is a 2002 third-person shooter/survival horror video game from Konami’s “Black Label Games” label. In addition to Konami’s “Black Label Games” label, Computer Artworks developed the game. [1] It was released on PS2, Xbox, and PC.
Captain Blake is part of a US Special Forces team sent to the Antarctic outpost to investigate the disappearance of the research team.

Interrupted while exploring an unknown military facility’s mess hall, a combat medic asks for assistance in Norwegian. A monstrous creature attacks both men, repelling it briefly before killing him. One man is attacked while another chuckles.

A US special forces team investigates both the American and Norwegian camps. Alpha Team Captain Pierce leads the investigation into the Norwegian camp, while Captain Blake leads the US camp investigation. Colonel R.C. Whitley, their overall commander, communicates via radio. They also find a tape recorder with a message from R.J. MacReady about how no one trusts anyone anymore and how tired everyone is while investigating Outpost 31. They discover evidence of an extraterrestrial lifeform infiltrating the base, capable of impersonating any living organism. They find Childs’ body, one of the two survivors who died of hypothermia in the film. MacReady is the other survivor. For the detonation, Whitley directed Beta Team to strategically place C-4 explosives throughout the facility.

After locating and resupplying the Alpha Team, Blake is airlifted along with his Beta Team mates. A horde of “scuttlers,” which are small limbs and appendages of larger Things, attacked and scattered Alpha Team. Blake find Pierce. Pierce, on the other hand, suspects everyone and demands Blake take a blood test. Then Blake and Pierce go looking for Whitley, proving they are not infected. But when Blake finds the radio room, it’s been stolen and hidden in a nearby warehouse. Blake meets Pierce in the observatory. Pierce shoots himself in the head rather than become a Thing. Following him with his radio, Blake discovers he is Thing. Then the radio. He then goes underground to the “Pyron” facility to learn about Dr. Faraday’s Gen-Incresearch team. Infected while testing the Things, Gen-Incteam only had a few survivors. Blake flees with Faraday. Whitley, on the other hand, tranquilizes him.

Upon waking, Blake discovers that his cells are immune to Thing infection. After escaping, he discovers a government plot to use the “Cloud virus” to create a biological weapon. To cure his terminal cancer, Whitley had injected himself with the “Cloud Virus B4”, Blake discovers. Whitley’s black ops and Things chase Blake through the research facility. A plane carrying the Thing virus is discovered by Whitley, but he destroys them before takeoff. Blake confronts Whitley. Whitely escapes unscathed. He says he’s waiting for an airlift team to go global. Blake follows Whitley deeper. Whitley becomes a massive Thing creature while visiting the movie’s partially excavated Thing spaceship. Blake’s pilot aids Blake in defeating Whitley. The pilot reveals himself as R.J. MacReady as the helicopter departs.

A foe comes in three forms. Scuttlers are made from infected people’s limbs. They are fast but weak, and easily shot. Walkers are huge and powerful. To kill them, the player must first weaken them with gunfire before using a flamethrower. However, the basic principle remains the same when fighting Bosses: first weaken it with gunfire before burning it.

The fear system determines an NPC’s fear. Normal, scared, or “crack-up” fear levels. Blake has only a few seconds to calm an NPC before they commit suicide, attack the squad, or die of a heart attack. Fear can be increased by entering blood-stained rooms, dark locations, finding disfigured corpses, being attacked by multiple enemies, and hearing but not seeing enemies. Fear affects NPC performance; soldiers lose accuracy, engineers repair fuse boxes slower, and medics heal characters slower.

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