The Diamond Matrix Syndicate

Greetings and blessings on this day As we navigate through this Intimate Place of the Heart, Dear Ones, There is a Presentation of Energies that is making its way to us right now. They reach us in the same way that the Sounds of a Symphony do. They seep into our pores and penetrate deeply into our skin. They make their way into our voids and dispel our fears. They Remind us that it is a gift to put our attention on ourselves.

Diamond Light Syndicates enter Mother Earth’s Womb through each Pillar, anchoring Divine Intention into the Womb of the Mother.

We bring the Pain to the Surface so that it can be embodied and experienced. Our Bones are aching, but our Hearts are singing. We are well aware that we are changing. We see it as if it were the first light of the day. It’s just that things keep happening. There are no limits to the blessings that come our way, and the miracles that happen are limitless. You must make the decision to feel them. Through the Inner Knowing of Your Gnosis, you must be able to identify their Passages and Doorways. Allow it to reveal itself to you.

This time around, I’m learning a lot of new things. My Heart to Birth Experiences have opened up new doors for me that I had not previously explored. I take the first step into the Unknown. I make the decision to move into the Uncomfortable on Purpose. This is the process by which we develop. I am Deserving of Praise. To be in love, to be aware of what exists beyond one’s own limited self. Not to be void of its dormant enterprise, but to be selfless in the service of its cause.

Put your faith in the Fall. We Rise From the Abyss of Oblivion. Growing like a Rose into a Library of Wisdoms that have been birthed out of the present moment

Allow this Code to bridge the gap between what is Transcending within You and the outside world. It has always been a Gateway that has been established through the Heart of the individual. Now everything is seen and processed as a single source. There is a Celebration planned for Us, Dear One, and you are invited. Put your faith in the Process.

Light code medicine is sent with love.