Being around the slots may seem simple and a way of having fun. As one goes on and on playing you will see that there is a lot that the average person misses. They can also become hypnotizing so getting up and going for a little walk is good. Don’t worry about missing the “big one”.

Many players do not realize that slot machines are made to operate on random number generators. What these are is microchips that compute random numbers that determine the outcome of each spin. Computer software companies that are tasked with the programming of the reels make them stop in certain combinations. This makes a player look as though he or she has just missed the jackpot. There is no such thing as a machine being due for a win.
The result of each spin is determined the second that a player presses the button to spin. Even just a nano second later the spin outcome is programmed to be quite different. So don’t kill yourself for getting up from a machine and the next person hits a jackpot. It’s possible that your “press” would not have happened at the exact time as the guy who sat down.

An important fact to that one should keep in mind when playing the slots is the RNG (random number generation) factor. RNG software is put into most modern of the slots machines. This software is well capable of spitting out over a hundred random numbers each second. As and when a player hits the spin button the computer simply locks into a series of RNG numbers, at a split of a second or less it will tell the reels when to stop spinning. You cannot read the slots.

This would mean that the previous player and the jackpot winner must have had to do the identical actions down to the very last millisecond, for them both to have hit the buttons at the identical time to make the slot jackpot spin sequence.

Don’t believe that slot machines at the end of rows are programmed to hit the jackpot more often than others. Machines can vary in the pay backs but it’s impossible to programme the machines to hit more often than others.
Playing the slots is all about having fun and enjoying the glitz and the glamour. Don’t spoil the fun and use every last coin that you’ve earned – it’s just not worth it. More often the machines will swallow all your money than give any back.

Best Microgaming Slots
Microgaming is a real powerhouse when it comes to the slots, and to the other games it develops and if you, like many others who trust the developer are looking for something new to try, you may want to give these slots a go. These are the best Microgaming slots currently available to players who love the slots and if you haven’t tried them, you haven’t really lived.

The top of the list of best Microgaming slots
First on the list is the game called Alaxe in Zombieland, a game whose theme you can probably guess. On the off chance that you have no idea what the game is about, think zombies. This is a brilliant game that has a payout rate of 98.86%, one that all would have to agree is pretty high. For those who are a little queasy or who genuinely do not like horror in any form, this is not the game to play.

More games to try
Some of the other games that are stealing players’ hearts include the game of Retro Reels – Extreme Heat. With its very classy yet funky theme and generous payout rate of 97.5%, this is a game that is quickly gaining in popularity. Another one with a high payout rate is Breakaway, a slot machine that offers a rate of 97%. These are great games to play but don’t really have a lot of personality so to speak, so you may want to take a break from these and try Scrooge, the game with a theme that is obvious to guess and that offers a not too bad payout rate of 96.74%.

Some more to make up the list
Thunderstruck 2 has been topping the lists of great games for some time and though the payout rate of the game is not as high as some others, at just 96.65%, the game itself is a great one to play. It offers players the chance to go back in time to an age when rock n roll was the only thing that mattered. If you’re not the hardcore rock type, you could always pay a visit to Karate Pig, or spend some time and money at the Riviera Riches. And the one of the best Microgaming slots of all to try? Giant Panda, the game that has a tongue in cheek take on one of the world’s largest animals and potentially, a big winning margin for you.