The beauty who used to pay me a visit

who would rush through the open windows of my being’s house like the most refreshing wind, sprinkling the petals of her poetry upon my life, like the most refreshing wind, would rush through the open windows of my being’s house

We’re currently discussing the possibility of moving in together.

Over the course of several months, I’ve been outfitting myself to be a suitable place of residence for such a Queen to call home.

She’s been putting in the effort to connect with the sacred jewel that resides within the heart of commitment.

along with the art of learning to kiss the simple, beautiful face of the commonplace

She was concerned that she was a little too high-minded or flighty for me.

I was concerned that I was too ordinary for her.

However, something has shifted and a door has been opened.

Now all we want to do is hold each other and stay together.

For the rest of the day, we stayed in bed together.

In the evenings, they tuck the stars into each other’s hair.

Now I’m brewing tea, which I hand to her and allow her to sip it through my lips.

And since she’s been here, there’s a smile hidden among the responsibilities of caring for others; it’s truly become a devotion.

I’m not sure if she’s the mother, the goddess, the queen, the soul-mate, the muse, or the child, but I’m not sure who she is.

My entire life has been devoted to the pursuit of

However, some introspection has taken place.
Something deep within myself has finally been kissed by someone who has been hiding behind a veil.

As a result, my eyes have received an additional dowry of light.

Some deep part of myself has returned to its rightful place.