“She’s having a total breakdown,”

One put together
and very self-satisfied seed
with no cracks in it

whispered to another

about a third seed who had begun
to germinate.

“She’s completely falling apart—

her life is a mess!”

They gazed superiorly
at the smooth, intact facade
of their shells
so perfectly upholding
expectations of the status quo.

Clearly, compared to that wild,
sprouting seed
disrupting the peace,

they were doing something right…right?

But now and then,
they secretly looked up
with longing
at the tall stemmed
beautiful and bravely opened flower nearby

wondering if there might be more
to themselves.

And one day,
when the inward agony
of her outwardly perfect
and tidy life
became too much,

one seed scooched herself
close to the flower
and asked in hushed tones,

“How do I become more like you?”

And the flower smiled,

“You must first be willing
to have a total breakdown
of every identity you’ve known

and then you must be so bold
as to let your previously predictable life
become a wild, sacred mess.”